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PCPI also offers corporate services for a fee. Staying competitive requires being ahead of the curve in global and local markets.

Cultural intelligence for example is a significant advantage that allows organizations to optimize talent, foster teamwork, and promote idea sharing and creativity. We offer services that can help you with your expansion into broader markets.

Additionally we provide consulting on the following topics that can help your business perform at its full potential:

  • Executive Coaching, Career Transition and Leadership Development
  • ESL, Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Recruitment, Assessment, Interviewing and Selection
  • Alternative Dispute and Conflict Resolution
  • Meeting Facilitation (Offsite Planning/Team-Building Sessions)
  • Employers can access information on the local labor force, post-employment opportunities, and obtain support for their human resources planning and recruitment under Employment Ontario.

Our innovative programs include an annual conference for internationally educated professionals. For more information visit: www.iep.ca

Outplacement: structured and individualized support for employees in corporations transitioning into new opportunities. Qualified staff will assist you in clarifying your employment and training needs by developing a service plan to help you achieve your goals.